Crowd Control Solution

Effortlessly Maintain Crowd Occupancy

Peak Technologies has teamed up with Vivotek, a leading brand in global security surveillance, to offer a solution for Crowd Control. During these times, social distancing is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Every type of business has to be prepared to offer a way to limit the number of people at their locations. Large big box companies have employees stand outside and physically count who goes in and who leaves. But what about the restaurants, small businesses, public and private pools, HOAs, dog parks, grocery stores, banks and anywhere else that needs to monitor the comings and goings of individuals? Many of us can’t afford to hire extra staff for this sole purpose. This is why Peak Technologies decided to work with Vivotek to provide a highly effective, yet low cost solution for crowd control.

Crowd Control Solutions

Reduce Staff Costs

No need to have a staff member standing by the door counting the people that come and go, helping to reduce costs and reduce potential exposure to staff.

Government Compliance

Comply with government ordinances to depend against COVID-19, enabling your business to resume operations sooner.

Safer Environment

Create a safer environment by reducing social interactions allowing customers to feel safe to perform their daily activities.