The Importance of Presence Management

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Presence management is not a concept a lot of company leaders know a lot about, although it has a significant role to play in organizational success. It is a strategic approach that allows managers, business owners, and leaders to know where employees are, whether they are on-site or off-site. It is vital to deploy a strategy like this to monitor staff productivity. 

Presence management is essential to streamline daily operations, projects, tasks, and communications. These are factors that can affect an employee’s ability to do their job using their time optimally. Another function of presence management is that it allows an employee to monitor staff availability so that work or shift allocations are accurate.  

An outcome of effective presence management is that it fosters a sense of connection for the employee who knows that the company is aware of where they are and what contributions they are making. Presence management also decreases the need for micromanagement by leaders who otherwise waste time on continuous follow-ups and inquiries. 

A presence management system requires a financial outlay for the company. However, the cost should be measured against its impact. This would include the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Net Present Value (NPV), and Return on Investment (ROI). Taking these into consideration will put the cost of a presence management system into perspective. 

The benefit of a presence management system is that it allows instant communication between staff, instead of people sending messages to others who are not even at work that day. The company can also schedule and host collaborative meetings, whether in person or online, based on the relevant people’s availability. Presence management preempts departments from working in silos instead promoting inter-departmental communication. 

There are various presence management technology solutions to choose from, and each one has its advantages and limitations. Which one you decide on will depend on your organization’s needs. It can be a confusing process, especially if you are not that tech-savvy. 

Have you been thinking about a presence management system for your company? Are you struggling to decide which one will suit the organization best? At Peak IT Group, we have extensive experience in identifying and implementing presence management systems. Contact us and let us talk about how we can meet your presence management system needs. 

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